Has My Graphics Card gone Bad?


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Sep 18, 2010
I have been having issues with my graphics recently. I have no clue what is causing it. Here is what is happening:

- Every time i try and use direct 3d open GL or software mode on applications they work for a short while then randomly blue screen. The cause is nv4_disp.dll and a infinite loop error. Otherwise the computer works just fine.

-If i unistnall all the drivers using Driver Sweeper then the above issue is fixed, however i have to run the programs without using the graphics card.

- Every now and then i will get white lines and bars covering my monitor. There is also snow and general graphics issues as if a graphics card has failed. However this is only temporary. It does not cover the entire screen, it just distorts a litle you can still see enough to be able to use it. (Its like looking at the screen a monitor through white bars) If i go to my computer later on in the day it starts up without this issue. If i go to device manager when this issue occurs it says "Error 10 Device could not start"

- When the graphics error happens its everywhere. Its on startup in the BIOS screen in Safe Mode In XP etc. Uninstalling the graphics card does not make it go away. Neither does disabling it. Uninstalling the drivers for the card does nothing either.

I installed 3dsMax 2011 and Maya 2011 onto my computer about the time this started happening i don't know if that is whats causing this or not. My graphics card is a 8800GT. I have XP Media Center Edition and a Dual Core Processor and 4GB of RAM.

Becasue my card works on and off im not sure if it is starting to fail or if its some freak driver problem. What is the most likely cause of this issue?


Sep 1, 2010
I'm far from an expert on video card issues, however, while you're waiting on others to respond.....

Pop your case and ensure that your GPU fan is operating normally (fast!). Overheating can cause all sorts of issues. Run whatever fan/temp utility you have and check temps. Your bios should have a temp readout as well.

Much dust inside? Also, on rare occasions, reseating a card can solve problems. I've seen problems twice solved by reseating a card.

If you need to dust, make sure you use a spray safe for electronics!


Sep 16, 2010
I agree that it could be overheating. Checking the temperatures would be a good idea. If you have an extra graphics card around that you could swap in that would be the easiest way to tell if its the video card. Also, you could try another power supply to see if that fixes things. Are you using the newest nvidia drivers?
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Jan 11, 2009
The 8800gt is notorious for causing artifacts and other problems. If its under warranty I would recommend exchanging it. If its not under warranty you can attempt to bake it. (doing so re flows the micro fractures in the solder connection). This method seems to be highly effective in fixing video cards with the symptoms you describe.