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Question Has JayzTwoCents ever water-cooled a cell phone? (Check this Newegg link out)

Feb 4, 2009
I remember a Motorola Atrix(?) case we could special order.
It had two small cooling fans recessed in the thick case and this stupid bump on the back that you used as a handle to hold the phone.
This was a long time ago, I think the fans on the back sucked air in and blew it out vents on the side.
Never saw one in person just pictures.
Dumbest thing ever.
Phone could be in your pocket with fans running?
Fans could be running while making a call?
You need to charge your case?
Why does your phone need a fan or why does your phone need to be over clocked, spend the $100 you’ll spend on the case/backup battery on a better phone


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Sep 28, 2005
i need to put cooling plates on a hat, circulate water through it with a small usb type pump, and then add a radiator you can wear as a backpack and i think i may got a winner if stuff like this sells.
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Aug 25, 2001
Actually, Aigo, you might want to consider patenting something like that, if it hasn't been already. Reason why, predictions of daily temps in cities, in the future, are maybe going to require some sort of "personal cooling device. Why not yours?