Has anyone tried mining Scrypt on the new Kaveri APUs?


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May 23, 2008
Title is straightforward. I know mining on this GPU may be memory bandwidth constrained but their performance quotes say it should be "possible" to get about 150-200MH/s out of this thing if its performance is similar to a 7770/7750 as has been quoted. Is there anyone whose willing to test this for me if no one has? I am considering buying an A10-7850k to pair with a 7970 or a 290x + waterblock for a single gpu ITX miner/gamer that I can use when i want to game or mine without having eventually succumbed to cramming extra GPUs into it. Using ITX I figured would be the best way, and while the kaveri CPU side isn't super great with almost no improvement over last gen, if it's fast enough to play the games i want to run and mines decently it might be more worthwhile than buying an i5 and an intel ITX board instead for a similar price, which I'd much rather have for gaming, especially since this system will get to see a significant amount of downtime just running games or having the miner paused so i can watch video seamlessly.