Has anyone pointed a gun at you in a threatening manner?

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Mar 5, 2004
Back when I was a newspaper photographer I was on a ride along with L.A. Co. Sheriff's deputies and we got the call of person stealing multiple guns. A 19 year old kid was pissed at his dad for kicking him out of the house because he was doing drugs. He came back home a few days later, barged into the house, punched his dad and took several guns out of the house.

Dad tells the deputies that he hangs out at a friends house around the corner so we head over there. Several units roll up on the house and several deputies with guns drawn surround the house. I was following behind taking photos when they go to the front door. They enter the home and eventually find the kid in an upstairs bedroom that overlooks the driveway were we had just pulled in. They found him at the windows trying to clear the jam on a .22 rifle. He had a tripod set up to shoot at us out the window, but never got a round off because of the jam. That's about as close as I've been to getting shot at.

I've been around many situations where cops had guns drawn, but rarely from down range. One time I was somewhat in the line of fire on a felony traffic stop being made at gunpoint on two convenience store robbery suspects. I got my photo and ran the hell out of the way.
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