Has Anyone Played Total War: Troy yet? And will we ever see a Native American Total War?


Sep 12, 2012
I've played around with both Rome and Napolean a few years ago. Had fun with both, but had never fully invested in both. My "historical" game back then was AoE 2, and AoE 3. Both good games, but the AoE franchise doesn't have the depth of the Total War games. I was thinking about picking up Troy, but it has some very mixed reviews. The biggest con is it's not worth $50 and many of the extras are behind a pay wall. Like the blood pack for which you would have to purchase for $3. And, the expansions are medicore at best from the reviews that I've read. I have the game in my Steam WishList so I'm currently wating on a price drop. I love the ancient times, and would like to play in that time era. So, I'll wait...

I'd like to see a stand alone Native American Total War game. And no, Empires doesn't count. How awesome would it be if Creative focused on South America? You could take control of the Aztecs and dominate the surrounding tribes, like Mayan and inca. Or, dominate the invading Spanish. I'd pay to play a game like that. The same could be done for the indigious peoples in North America. How awesome would it be to take control of the Lakota, the Navajo, the Cherokee, or the Comanche? Anway, hopefully we will have a game like this in the near future.


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Sep 28, 2005
I do not think we will ever see a native american type total war as it will spark a intense fire of politics worse then what GTA series did with parents and violence.
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Mar 10, 2007
Closest we have is the America's Campaign for Medieval 2 Total War Kingdoms expansion. You get to play as several indian tribes including the Aztecs, Mayans, Apaches, and three central American tribes.
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