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Has anyone played GOG's or Steam's TIE Fighter Special Edition?


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Oct 28, 2010
You'll need to find an original floppy or CD Collector's Edition if you want the reactive music. They are MIDI based and to "more recent" audiences, they won't sound as appealing as the actual movie soundtracks included in the SE. The SE also gutten most of the animated menus which is a tragedy, but the addition of 3D graphics can be seen as good or bad.

I just read that the GOG SE also includes the original DOS versions as well, so that might be the best way to go.

I own all versions of the game, having purchased the original floppy version, CD Collector's Edition, and later Special Edition. IMO the CE via DOSBOX is the way to go for the "purist" version of the, albeit with some performance caveats. If you just want to fly the missions and have a more playable experience, the SE is good...assuming you don't have that joystick bug that hounded earlier versions. Presumably GOG would have added the patch, but as I own the original SE release I haven't purchased it.


Jun 30, 2003
i'm not sure which version i have installed, but it does have the reactive music.

i think i got to the last mission and almost threw my joystick at my monitor. tempting to go back and try again, but not sure if i should. i literally slammed on my desk yelling "NO!" as my escort mission failed for like the 20th time :D:D