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Has anyone noticed that the Neo-cons are supporting Barack Obama?

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Dec 24, 2000
Originally posted by: senseamp
Neocons would love nothing more than to offload their Iraq mess onto a Democrat who they can then blame for all their failures.
Don't forget about all the debt they have incurred ...

It's gonna be a tough road for any one that get's in. Tho, bush has fucked it up pretty good, I would imagine it would be hard work trying to spend 4 trillion and killing 100's of thousands in 8 years...Not to mention writing all those backward policies ...

But he managed to do it! Congratulations! He almost tanked the USA!!!! WhoooHo!

Rush is the biggest american hack that ever lived... I don't care who he backs I won't listen to him again. He is annoying.... My radio only does FM... No AM switch and that's a good thing!