Has anyone ever been hit by a BB gun?

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Feb 7, 2000
poor birds :(
You're lucky I don't have my BB gun with me right now, paulson! ;)

One time, my little brother had been playing with one of those cap guns, and he got it mixed up with pa's sawed off shotgun, and so he pointed it at my forehead, and...
okay, nm

Viper GTS

Oct 13, 1999
I have a cheap BB pistol that doesn't even have the power to penetrate a pop can from point blank range. I shot my brother in the ass while he was trying to take a piss. ;)

Other than that, my brother has a 10 pump BB/pellet gun that he uses to kill squirrels. .177 caliber, but using pellets it pretty well takes off the back of a squirrel's head if you land a head shot.

I do not want to be shot by that.

Viper GTS


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Apr 8, 2000
Yeah, twice actually.

First time, my friend and I were fishing across the pond from one another. We had my crossman CO2 pistol there in case of snakes or something. I look up, and he has the damn thing pointed at me. I had time to cover my face before it hit me in the chest. That one didn't lodge, but I still have a purplish scar there.

Second time, I was outside with the same pistol and portable phone. I was just plinking random stuff waiting for my friend to call. The phone rang and startled me and I accidently pulled the trigger. It was a fresh CO2 and point blank range. I was around 14 at the time. The BB went 3/4 of the way thru my finger and lodged there. It hurt SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO bad. Only problem was, it was so deep I couldn't tell that it was in there. Blood was gushing everywhere. My mom bandaged it up. WEll after a few days, swelling had gone way down, and I could actually see the BB at the bottom of the hole. Only problem was, the entrance had healed up, so the hole was to small for the BB to squeeze out. It was in there for like 3 weeks before it finally worked it's way out like a splinter or something would. Guess I should have gone to the doctor. I still have the BB as a reminder not to be a dumbass. That finger still feels funny. There is like a solid plug of scar tissue in the center of it. Feels weird when I'm typing with that finger.

My friend and I also used to shoot at shotgun shells 10 feet away or so, trying to hit the primer and make it explode. My friend hit it just right once and it exploded. The shell flew backwards from the discharge and hit him in the chest. He had a bruise with a perfect imprint of the shell on his chest for a week.

Aaaah, the ignorance of youth.


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Nov 19, 1999
A "friend" of mine "accidentally" shot me in the back from about 15 feet away with my 10-pump Crossman air pistol that I used to have. It hurt like hell. It was the fall and I was wearing a pretty thick jacket, but that was of little help.

About 10 years ago I went out in the woods with the same pistol and a few tin cans for some target practice. Well, these punk kids thought it would be funny to take a few shots at me with their spring-air Red Ryder BB guns. Apparently, they thought they had little to fear because it would take me forever and a day to try and return fire with it. The pistol was single shot, and you had to pump it each time. Reaching into my pocket to grab a BB/pellet, cocking the gun, loading the projectile, and pumping it takes a little time. However, what they did not know was that I also had my CO2 powered semi-automatic in my pocket under my jacket. It had a fresh CO2 cylinder and held probably 50 BB's. They hit me twice, once in the rear end and once in my left calf. I pulled the CO2 pistol out and started firing at them through the trees as they were running away. I could hear the BB's ripping through leaves and them yelling as they got hit. I pegged them each in the rear end a few times. Served the little bastards right.


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Oct 21, 1999
"My friend accidently shot me with around 8 pumps, hit me in the chest, but my rock hard abs absorbed most of the pain"

Wow Impact 55,

If your abs are in your chest, does that mean that your pecs have moved unto your belly, with a nipple on each side of your navel? What a freakazoid! ;)

Baby, Baby (The Vibrators)


Sep 14, 2000
We used to have bb gun wars where we would were long clothes and safety gogles, top ten stupid things I have ever done in my life.


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Aug 29, 2000
I went to my friends apartment building once and I see two like funnel shaped dents in the lobby window he said some drive by "bebe gun shooting"

Its actually kinda cool what it did