Has anyone else had problems with ADD and college specifically?

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Oct 11, 1999
Originally posted by: glen
don't think much of Wellbutrin, I've seen 6-10 people have seizures while on it, it has the curious side effect of lowering the seizure threshold of virtually everyone that takes it, some folks just have a high seizure threshold. The poor folks show up in the ER seizing or just after a seizure & have no previous history, I look in their med profile & usually find out they're on Wellbutrin. My doctors usually miss it & try to put them on anticonvulsants till I show them the Wellbutrin side effects in a textbook.
Most of us have hardly ever seen someone have a seizure.
You are saying you have seen 6 to 10 people, knew they had it from Wellbutrin, but not sure if it was 6 , 7 8, 9 or exactly 10 people?
Wellbutrin can really help some folks out.
Please, get your facts straight on an issue this serious.
Some folks did have seizures.
But, it was a very small percentage, of a statisticaly insignificant sample of anorexic/bullimic women at high dosages.
In follow up studies, with a larger sample group, no statistically significant increase in seizures was reported.
Let me see if I can find the details and post them here.
The folks I've discovered were on the recommended dose of Wellbutrin, IMHO, the numbers in many of the studies are outright frauds....

I've also NEVER seen a seizure in a patient on any of the other andidepressants. (& I worked in a Psych only hospital for 3 years).


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Jun 22, 2001
in my view, and they are convaluted(?), drugs are not the answer. you should be able to go against that thought that you have ADD and stop using it as an excuse and instead use it to your advantage. just think in your mind that you work faster and better than everybody else. i have tried every drug there is (wellbutrin,adderall,stratera,ritalin, and a bunch of other sh!t) and i can tell you that drugs can never be the answer. you must do it by yourself.

(back to your topic, in college i had a tutor, notetaker, and extra time on tests and it still didn't help me, because in my mind i still had the ADD is holding me back thoughts. my high school counselor told me to not even apply to college, but i graduated in four and half years and never looked back. don't let what someone tells you be the end)

i hope some of this made some sense.


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Nov 7, 2000
Physicians are hesitant to diagnose a Teenager with ADHD since it usually presents earlier in life. I understand you feel you where having sypmtoms back then, but at this time your Physicians must make sure that there are no co-morbid disorders when diagnosing ADHD this late (depression,manic-depression ect)

Also the medications used are mostly stimulants that are easily abusable. So a teenager with no previous diagnosis of ADHD requesting stimulant medication
brings up a red flag specially in a drug seeking school environment.

You are probably not a teenager but these are some of the reasons physicains are hesitant.

You do not appear to have a good relationship with your Psychaitrist so I would ask for another refferal from your regular MD

Contrary to what other people think ADHD is seldom outgrown



Jan 8, 2002
I was diagnosed with ADD and I am on medication. But the medication doesn't really help me. I have the exact same symptoms as you. I can't play a video game more than a day or two, I can't study my homework, I get bored very easily, I can't concentrate, etc etc. Same exact symptoms except the medication doesn't even help me. The medication just makes me sick. Laters!


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Sep 28, 2000
yea, i have concentration problems and i was diagnosed with ADD from my college a year ago. doctor prescribed me Ritalin as a trail and i fvckup on my finals kuz i was gettin mood swings and stuff... i had to do a retroactive withdrawal for that semester as well.
i did see the disabled student services and they provided me with some crappy accommodations like time and a half for exams and free tutoring...which i never used.
later, i was on paxil for a while and that seemed to make me feel better mood wise but didn't really do much for my anxiety or concentration....
i'm now off all medications and the only thing i can suggest is try harder than you did before.
since i know i'm not as clever as other people, i try twice as hard as they do...sad, but at least i'll eventually succeed.


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Mar 26, 2003
I love it when people call medical problems that they can't see "bullsh!t"

You can't see most neurological disorders, but it doesn't mean that they're not real. Your brain is extremely complicated and there is a lot that can go wrong in it.

I've heard people also say that depression is "bullsh!t". They say "just be happy, it's that simple".

Not all these problems have to be mild, either. Someone may have mild ADD or mild depression, and they can work around it by trying to focus or stay happy. But for those with a more severe case, trying just isn't going to do anything.

When the problem isn't affecting you, it's so easy for you to write off their problems as BS.