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Has any one got the PIII700E slot1 from buy.com to know steping


Junior Member
Feb 11, 2000
They just sent me a note that they canceled my order for the 650E slot1 that was on backorder, since it was discontinued. They do have the 700 in stock but I would only get it if it was the new stepping. Someone out their must have reciently got one.


Feb 26, 2000
Wallysmo, I tried to find this out too. Basically all of these large etailers despatch orders from over 30 different locations in the USA. So if I live in the SW I will probably receive my order from Southern California but say you are in Florida you may well receive a delivery from NY. The only suggestion I can make is that you order from a company (like Onvia!) that will let you return the goods for credit in full. The code will be on the outside of the retail box so you shouldn't have to open it. One more point to bear in mind, most companies are only just beginning to receive stocks in after the recent cpu famine and with the Duron beginning to flow thru the distribution channels we could see some nice price reductions from Intel very soon.

That's not good. I was in queue from a 600E for a month along with 5000 other people, finally got cancelled. There is a queue of about 200 people right now for the 700E. I called Intel to make sure the chip was in full production unlike the 600E and they say yeah.

Being the chip is going to be coming fresh from Intel I suspect the shipping will be cB0, assuming they ever get it in.


Golden Member
Oct 27, 1999
what's up with intel and cpu production??
or is it just hard for online company to get shipment from their distrubitors??


Golden Member
Oct 10, 1999
Knowing the shortage situation of P-III, if they have them in stock now, they are most likely be cB0.

Many retail cB0 chips currently available are made in week 16 or so and packed in late May. So unless buy.com has had the chips in stock for quite sometime, you will have a good chance of getting cB0.

You have a better chance getting cB0 with OEM chips as they do not go through the process of being packaged.