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[HardOCP] Windows 2D performance better on AMD


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Mar 15, 2007

.... It may just be the placebo effect, but we swear that 2D performance on the Windows desktop felt faster on R9 290X CrossFire Eyefinity versus TITAN SLI NV Surround.
HardOCP put up their crossfire 290X review and while watching the Titan and 780 get stomped in all the games they tested and have a lot less issues at 4k (bugs in Nvidia's drivers) they also said the above.

I find that interesting because ever since I got the 680's in SLI I have had performance problems in Windows when I have more than one screen enabled. There is a noticeable judder and there are quite a few posts and videos on the Nvidia forums about the problem. Sounds like HardOCP is seeing the same thing as well. Its good to know that a review site is seeing the problem.

Will Robinson

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Dec 19, 2009
Hmm interesting observation by [H]..wonder what's going on there with 2D?
The Crossfire V SLI results with R9 290X, GTX780 and Titan are pretty conclusive...the Radeon's dominate them both.

No doubt this thread will deliver some interesting views on the results.^_^
Feb 19, 2009
Whats amazing isnt the the 2D issue.. its HOW MUCH FASTER CF R290X is versus SLI Titan/780, it utterly destroys them at high resolution, with margins of 30-50% its ridiculous how well it scales with tougher work loads. All that and no stutter issue, which surprisingly, [H] noted SLI Titan/780 stutters in some games at 4K res..