Hard Drive – Boot Up problems after Virtual Box & XP install


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Apr 23, 2018
Hi there,

From an eccentric artist using a very old Samsung NP–R 519 laptop (that had Vista installed) for a community project! I will be extremely grateful if somebody can guide me out of a huge mess - and possibly explain how I got into it...

I wanted to load video editing software that works on XP and read that one can load a second operating system via Virtual Box. Somebody then loaded XP on it and XP opened in a smaller box on screen before I powered down due to a thunder storm. When I switched on later a restore message came up and completed. Being completely clueless I thought it was correcting something that went wrong while loading XP but the same message came up the next time I switched on – only this time we had a massive power failure before it restored whatever it was restoring. After this only Samsung’s recovery screen and a message that said ‘Windows can’t boot up automatically’ came up.

I tried a system backup via Samsung Restore to an external hard drive – but after 3 hours a message came up that said the process could not be completed because of an issue on the external drive. I then tried to backup my data (mainly emails because I fortunately moved most of my work to the external drive 2 weeks before). I still can’t get my head around it - but this process took 48 hours to complete.

The laptop was donated to me for the project and although I have a product key for Vista and Office Home 2007 I have no disks – just a card that say the version come pre-installed which eliminated reloading. Somebody then suggested installing Windows 8 just to access the internet and try to download Vista. However, Windows 8 didn’t want to install on the C drive and he ended up installing it on the D drive (I have a 250GB drive with a partition – 130GB on C and the rest on D). But now C is no longer visible. Why would this be?

I vaguely also remember a message that suggest a disk replacement – and with very limited knowledge decided to order a 1TB hard drive in the hope that it will eliminate all problems - but here’s the thing. I am currently in a rural area and will have to install and set up everything myself and wonder if there is anybody willing to confirm....

1) Do I have to format the new drive first? And if so do I put it in an external case and format it from the temporary Windows 8? Or will it be done automatically while loading the operating system?

2) In the end we never downloaded Vista – but since I have a legal XP CD and product key I rather want to install XP. Somebody said one simply follow the steps. However I read online that a few boot up and other settings need to be changed first on the laptop for XP. I downloaded a guideline – but want to know if this is indeed necessary?

3) I have never set up partitions before but will probably have to do this because it is a new hard drive – or will XP guide me through the process during installation?

4) I also believe after the XP install I have to re install the Samsung's System Software and drivers. (Drivers – what Drivers – and how do I install them?) I checked on Samsung’s download center’s web and this Samsung model (NP-R519-XA05ZA) is no longer supported – but some other R519 model download’s are. Will it work on this model? Do I need this at all? And if downloads don’t work is there perhaps a way to still retrieve the info from the C drive that the laptop doesn’t detect anymore.

5) Does the laptop perhaps only detect the D Drive because the primary and recovery partition with Samsung software was deleted during the Windows 8 install? The current GB size is the same as size as the original D Drive. It is like the 130GB of the C Drive vanished.

6) If I manage to get the laptop up and running again will a format of the old hard drive perhaps fix the errors so that I can use it as a backup drive? During one of the scans a message came up that said there were 20kb in bad sectors – not sure what this means but might a format fix this?

7) Lastly – don’t laugh – but can the problem be transferred to another computer? I plugged my external drive into a friends PC to check my backup and the next day she also got a ‘Windows can’t boot up automatically’ message – or is it pure coincidence? Plus is there perhaps a way to test the external drive?

If anybody made it this far please know that your help will be much appreciated!!!




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Sep 10, 2013
That laptop isn't the best for video editing, however if you're headed down that road, then yes, XP will guide you through the process of formatting the drive, as it installs. Yes, you will need to load Samsung drivers, and yes, most if not all of the ones listed for a similar model should work.

It does sound like your hard drive failed or is failing, so the new one is your best bet. As far as transferring the problem to another computer.. That's most likely just a coincidence.

Get ready for hours & hours of fun! Good luck! :)
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Apr 23, 2018
Yes you are right it is not the right computer – I should have checked the specs before turning my life upside down. An on-line search stipulates that it is not for video games – so video editing is also a no no. But if you operate in a non-profit environment you get ‘brave’ – and reckless...

Somebody guided me to ‘Disk Management’ where I could still see all the partitions and got a ‘Healthy’ message next to the Drives – hopefully it can still used as an external backup drive.

Thanks for your response