Happy birthday Eakers, Viper GTS, prontospyder, MrHelpful!! NOW WITH 500% MORE FESTIVITIES!

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Oct 9, 1999
Originally posted by: yllus
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Originally posted by: yllus
Happy birthday to our very own love doctor and definitive Canadian. :) All the best for the year ahead, Kat! :D

Exactly how did you know it was her birthday?

Someone pays a little too much attention to their online friend...
If I had never talked to her, I'd know via the AnandTech Members' Birthdays page. Then there's the fact that she's exactly two days older than me so it's easy to remember and we've been talking regularly since '00.

Crap elsewhere, please.

EDIT: I'm gonna throw in birthday greetings to Viper GTS, prontospyder, MrHelpful, purplehayes and Fried Toast while I'm at it. Congrats guys! :)

Thanks. :)