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Hamas Puppet Show : Child murders Bush on televised show

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Jul 1, 2004
Originally posted by: palehorse74
Originally posted by: bamacre
Originally posted by: ayabe
Well if they decide to turn the White House into a mosque, I'm burning that fucker down 1812 style.
Why wait?
When is the cute little RP 100-man march on DC going down again? soon, i hope!

Wouldn't that give you the perfect opportunity to put some sort of plan into action? Can't you use the march as a guise for the first steps in your revolution?

Oh, we're smarter than that.

We actually plan to put a sign on the top that says "Terrorists Here," and let you guys blow it up. We were gonna have the sign say "Osama bin Laden Here" but we felt that you guys would never see it.


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Mar 10, 2006
Originally posted by: CPA
Originally posted by: maddogchen
We send aid to Hamas? we do?
I may need to be corrected, Palestine gives to Hamas, Isreal sends aid to Palestine (around $50M/month), and we send aid to Isreal. So, indirectly, the answer is yes.
A few more steps and I'm sure you'll find a chain of aid all the way back to Kevin Bacon.

By this logic we aid nearly every unsavory character on the planet.


Jan 10, 2002
Originally posted by: dahunan
A little pre-emptive attack (murder) of some Iraqis will help calm him
Was this so trollish none of you all could see what I was saying?

We admit to at least 50,000 dead from our pre-emptive attack on Iraq... we have people here who cheered and applauding the hanging of Saddam...

Do you really think Bush is liked or SHOULD BE liked by Palestinians and even most people who liked Iraq? To the, Bush is a war criminal.. just like many of us think he is


Sep 28, 2002
So let us pause and think about this and looking for meaning in something as crude as puppets killing each other.

Assuming we take this translation to be true (This is MEMRI we are talking about...who is as interested in painting Arabs in as poor of a light as possible), there is something of interest. The reasons the puppet cite for the actions are not about the death of non Muslims bla bla bla Jews bla bla bla. Those come into play, especially at the end - but they are not the reason. Interestingly enough the reason is as follows:
You killed daddy in the Iraq war. It's true, you killed him in the Iraq war. As for my mom ? you and the criminal Zionists killed her in Lebanon. You and the criminal Zionists also killed my younger and older brothers in the Gaza holocaust. I'm an orphan, you criminal!
The reasons are all cited as what is going on in the Middle East today. The reasons for the alleged slaying in this is not "Muslims are Superior" "Islam should dominate the world" "Death to Infidels".

That said - as a country we should pause to notice this...because this is going to be a reflection on the minds of MANY youth there whose parents, brothers, sisters, cousins, other relatives, close friends and acquaintances who die or get caught in these conflicts.
And when 20% of the region is between ages 15-24 (http://www.prb.org/pdf07/YouthinMENA.pdf) it becomes a dangerous mixture that can explode.

That said I'm not defending this "show". It misses basic Islamic ideas such as acceptance of repentance (Although one would wonder how "honest" puppet Bush was :p ), and it has signs of being produced by people who are more radical when they are describing concepts such as "nation of Islam" from a political point of view. The reference to the white house being turned into a Mosque is also just plain silly.

But the basic message:
Stop killing us, because I'll go after you
is one that should be considered...

As for how I help Palestine - I try to buy some products made there. Palestinian Olive Oil tastes great, and its good to know its helping fund a few people's college education.
Here are the first two links with some of the olive oil one can buy:

http://www.zaytoun.org/ (zaytoun is the arabic word for olve)

I just watched the video instead of the the transcript alone. I'm the type who prefers to read...but I decided to take a look.
nice to know how they did fade out some scenes so we have no idea as to what actually happened in its entirety. Who knows if something important was skipped...I wouldn't be surprised.