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Halo Wars 2


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Sep 13, 2008
I am not sure if there is much clarity on this yet, I did some searching but I though I would ask. Me and a buddy are thinking of getting Halo wars 2 ultimate. We are PC gamers, but like the idea of smashing xbox noobs. With xbox play anywhere and halo wars 2 on windows 10, is this possible? To get PC players in same match as xbox players?

Also, I wanted to make sure, both Halo wars 2 and the definitive edition of halo wars is playable on PC with windows 10. I do not own a console. For 80 dollars, it sounds worth it. Plus has the season pass.

I do not want to login with a M$ account, I have local account on my PCs. I am willing to make one online, but do not want to use it on my desktops. Will this be an issue?

Also, for those who played, how is the game play? Any opinions? Worth getting?