Haikus, my personal ones and post your own!


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Jan 10, 2004
I made these tonight at the huddle house, they aren't catchy and don't have any *real* good meaning to them, but they're fun. Read them all before judging :p

New book of matches
Pretty and perfect sitting
I'll f***ing burn you

I am Godzilla
No one respects me at all
Stomp stomp stomp stomp stomp

How are you doing
What was I doing

Buy me chicken wings
And something to drink with it
I am so d**n poor

Toothpicks are wooden
Salt shakers are rap subjects
I f***ing hate me

Climactic response
What are you talking about
I just do not know

I am the mirror
You look at me all the time
You are so ugly

I am a pencil
But the pen is mightier
He is going down

Fire extinguisher
Here will be a day, one day
When I will not work

Chicken is the boss
Pork, controlled by the chicken
Is the lesser meat

Michael Jackson's house
Full of children screaming "Hey"
"Dont f***ing rape me!"

You peeps still haven't
Noticed I took my pants off
An hour ago

I have a badger
He likes to eat lots of things
Like your f***ing face

A conspiracy
Radiation feeds cancer
Cell phones will kill you

You sit there dreaming
Of pleasures that may come true
HEY! That's my penis!

Writing is a pain
Haikus are little b****es
Haiku. Gun. Bullet. Flash. End.

A song is a tune
A tune depicts a message
Though rap always sucks

Enjoying the times
Spending time with the elders
I'm playing The Sims

My toaster ovens
Toasting with pride and emits
Prime radiation

Haiku club in Yale
So many people are here
I hate the haikus

BONUS POEM (Serious)

Standing in a parking lot behind a street lamp
An amber light is all that can be seen
Traces of my surroundings are seen from the moonlight, albeit unidentifiable
Glimmering graphite and various glowing creatures are all that can be seen beyond the amber light
Leaving one to wonder
What all of this means
Will this amber light burn out
Is it my last ray of hope
Will I ever find my way home?


Jan 23, 2001
We sit together
the mountain and I
until only the mountain remains

ok... that wasn't me