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Hades - New game from Supergiant


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Mar 10, 2007

I had been watching this for a while and they just released the full 1.0 version a few days ago and it appears Supergiant have released another outstanding game. I see a lot of people praising it as a fast-paced Binding of Isaac as well as one of the best roguelite/like/whatever-it's-called-now. I've been waiting to try it and I'll likely grab it now while it's still on sale, but I'm curious if anyone here has tried it yet.


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Jan 16, 2005
Thanks for posting this. I hadn't heard of this game. But it's now on my wishlist. I loved Bastion. This looks something like Bastion meets Torchlight meets Serious Sam with lots of rpg elements.

It looks like a good time.


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Apr 29, 2005
I've been playing the early access for months, it's a fun game. And can be pretty challenging. Music is good as well (no shocker there).


Nov 27, 2001
I tried it way back near its initial (Epic Games) Early Access release, and it was interesting... but I wasn't a huge fan of the controls for the dash mechanic. Albeit, I haven't tried it in a while to see if they've changed it, and honestly, I can't even recall what it was that I didn't like. I think it was that I wanted to be able to dash in the direction of the cursor without having to change the direction my character was facing first?


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Nov 16, 2006
This game has definitely been on my radar for a while and I was a little confused by what they were going for. Initially I thought it was basically a highly polished Diablo clone, but now I see "roguelike" getting thrown around which kinda stops me in my tracks.

On one hand: Supergiant. I thoroughly enjoyed both Bastion and Transistor and I strongly suspect that they will put out the best iteration of whatever genre it is that they're playing with.

On the other: Roguelike. My games need narrative progression, a tangential feeling that you're progressing through toward some sort of crescendo or climax. I find the ultra repetitive, RNG element of many roguelikes a huge turn-off. I don't want to put 100 hours into a game and not have really gone anywhere.

For those that have played it, can you address my concerns? Is it more ARPG, is it more hack n slash, is it more roguelike? If I dislike roguelikes, will I still find something to enjoy in this game?


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Apr 29, 2005
Eh, it's a little (or a lot of both). Have you played Darkest Dungeon? It's a lot like that in the sense that while each individual attempt at play might end in failure, causing you to start from the beginning you accrue resources that add permanent abilities that persist no matter what. It'll take you multiple attempts to beat it even on the starting difficultly, but each time you get consistently more powerful abilities that you use to progress. So, it's not a true rogue-like in the sense that you start from scratch every time but there aren't any save spots so when you die you will get sent back to Hades where you start your run again.
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