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H100v2 install on a 5820k


Junior Member
Apr 20, 2016
Its my first time installing a water cooler on my cpu I always used air coolers. First how tight did you tighten the water block on the cpu i tightened it hand tight and then just barely used a screw driver to get them a little more snug. And does it matter the orientation of the block i had to mount with the corsair logo vertical because of the usb plug and it hitting my motherboard. And whats is a good voltage for a 4.2 overclock and temps, i know everyone's setup will be a little different i just want some idea of what it should run. This is by far the most ive spent on a build and im just a bit nervous though this would be a good place to ask. And my specs are 5820k 4.2ghz 3000mhz corsair ram. Asus x99 pro mb, 780 classified(1080 soon) samsung & sandisk 128gb and 460gb ssd, wd 2tb 7200 rpm hd, antec 750 gamer psu the oldest part in my build upgrading soon and a storm stryker case with 6 120mm and 1 140mm fan.


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Jan 2, 2014
I snugged my h110 up like you did. I'm running my 5820k at 4.0ghz with -.020 offset voltage.