Gyro capable controller?


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Jun 25, 2004
I suppose this doesn't pertain to a game specifically, but I've been searching for a few days for a gyro capable controller for PC - I've been replaying Breath of the Wild via emulator (yay 4K + better textures and shadows) but find it somewhat annoying to need to pick up my phone and start a MotionSource server every time I need to complete a motion-only puzzle.

I first picked up a cheap Chinese Wii U Pro controller look-alike, which claimed to have gyros and bluetooth, but found that it will only pair with an Android phone over BT (not iOS, OSX or PC), would only work with a PC over a USB-C cable, and only supports motion when connected to my real Wii U. So, that's out. Nice controller for the price though.

A quick search reveals that the DualShock4 controller has a gyro, but that there are no official PC drivers and you need to leave Steam running in the background all the time. There's the Steam controller, but it only has a single joystick and I really need dual + a D-Pad. Microsoft and Logitech don't seem to have a controller with Motion.

Anyone know of any others?