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Guess I am a fanboy


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Oct 19, 2001
I've had a habit over the years of downloading motherboards drivers and saving them off. Didn't realize that I've owned 9 Asus motherboards going back to 2003. Before that I was a huge fan of Abit. Unfortunately, when the stopped selling consumer boards, mine was hit with a surge and that's when I picked up the PC4800 which was the end of the Netburst era. Funny how we are once back to Intel selling hot chips and needing desperately to move onto something new. Anyways, thought some of the old timers would enjoy reminiscing about building systems 17+ years ago.



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Jul 15, 2003
I had all my drivers for everything I've owned since about 1996.

One day I looked thru that folder and decided to clean house. It was strange. Not sad, but definitely not pleasant.

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May 24, 2003
I always try to stick to Asus myself, I find those boards have always been solid for me.

I used to be really good about keeping installer files for utilities, software etc in neatly organized folders too but now that I run Linux the concept of installer files is not really a thing as it's all based in repositories. Like you can still get .rpm or .deb files but it's not the typical way of doing it. I still have all those old Windows files though. Mostly from Windows 98/2000 era. It does not really take up that much space in the grand scheme of things and it's a nice nostalgic archive. One thing though I should have also kept more drivers. Especially if I wanted to revive one of my windows 2000 machines or something, always nice to have. I always get tempted to do that, but I know once I did it and went through the nostalgia of installing everything, the novelty will have worn off quickly enough.