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Gtx580 sli or radeon 7970 for after effects?


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May 21, 2012
Hi guys first of all to those who want to know my setup here it is


kinda too lazy to type all the hardware well anyway my only issue is that i'd like to use 4 or more monitor when im using after effects

  • 1st for my real time emails and chat
  • 2nd monitor is for browsing the video and for playback
  • 3rd is for the after effects
  • 4th would be for premier or vegas.

But gtx580 only supports 2 monitors so i plan to SLI, would i benefit from it?

radeon hd 7970 supports up to 6 monitor for 1 card, would their be any disadvantages aside from not having the CUDA?

i use after effects and other video editing softwares, im happy with gtx580 but i really need more monitor..

I'll be using it on cs5.5 and cs6 in the future as im just waiting for a stable version of cs6 probably 3 months from now before i jump to an upgrade.

I wont be upgrading to gtx680/690 as its very expensive i have a bargain 580 that is worth almost just 40% of the actual price so i was thinking of buying it, and the 7970 is also bargain .. if im convinced on using 7970 ill be selling my 580 and buy 7970 instead or perhaps buy the 2nd 580..

just to use 4 monitors.

Regarding using 2 gpu independently would that be even possible without problems in the future, like problems on different gpu drivers conflicting on each there or anything else?

guys i need your expert suggestion and opinion.

TIA :) good to be here


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Jul 27, 2002
I don't think you can take advantage of SLI while using all the outputs available. I could be wrong but a secondary display goes blank when SLI is activated.


Aug 10, 2009
The 670/680 can do 4 monitors.

SLI'd 580's only run 3 monitors, AFAIK.

You could likely use 2x580's not in SLI to drive your 4 monitors. You won't see any additional performance over a single card though.

Premier and a couple Photoshop plugins use CUDA in CS5.5. That makes nVidia better now.

CS6 is switching to OCL. It doesn't require CUDA. Once fully implemented it should work with any current graphics processors. Even Intel IGP. Both AMD and nVidia are working with Adobe for support. Because of the 2 different architectures there's no way of knowing which will be better, if any. 7000's are stronger in OCL than the 600's though.


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May 21, 2012
@lopri thanks for the input

@3DVagabond oh yeah forgot it would be only 3 monitor if its SLI'ed ... pro'lly be using it independently to acquire 4 monitors.. no additional performance well perhaps gtx580 is overkill for after effects so it should not be a problem as long as i can use it for 4 monitors and wont degrade anything...

so if i would be using radeon i should wait for cs6 OCL..? that would be for how long?