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GTX 680 SLI 3dmark 11 score (What is expected?)

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May 18, 2003
Why would that matter?
There are those here that need the system they have, for work/school or what have you. Then there are those for whom this is a hobby, and in my opinion, hobby purchases aren't made to fill a need, and they rarely make actual sense beyond the simple "I want".


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Dec 8, 2010
Yes, I understand that. If buying thing X doesn't make any sense beyond a simple "I want" or "it's a hobby" or "it makes me happy", then that decision is a fail. Just the way I see it :). It's a different thing if "it's a hobby" translates into something meaningful like an interest in experimenting with a new piece of hardware, or benchmarking. Or if "it makes me happy" results from actually increasing FPS or image quality for a more enjoyable experience. But if it's just spending money for the sake of it with no meaningful practical considerations then it's a fail.
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