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gtx 460


Feb 5, 2011
im sure my gtx 460 is screwed

while playing Wow my computer froze and I got no display but I could hear everything. After this, my sound proceeded to sound all robotic so I retstarted. After I got back in I checked the event veiwer and got "the display driver nv____ stopped working and has recovered, so I decided to log back into the game to see if it was a fluke - it wasnt. My computer froze and I got all of these weird artifacts and pixles and just restarted after this. I proceeded to reinstall drivers, revert to older drivers and I still had the same issue. Upon restarting my computer I got mobo beeps, 1 followed by 3 which means no vga detected. Another thing, while I was in windows, my sound would just randomly go all robotic, and sometimes would just start beeping. Further, my desktop just would revert to windows 7 basic and my computer would freeze trying to change back to windows 7 aero.

so, the only thing I could try was putting my old 8600 gt in my new computer, and to my unfortunate surprise, didnt have any of the issues with the old card.

to reiterate

-computer freezes, got pixles and weird artifacts while gaming
-no vga detected beebs
-sound gets all weird
-cant change themes
-display driver failed and has restarted and is now working windows error
-tried new drivers, old drivers nothing
-old card works with no issues

also, idle card is 32-37 and underload never tops 55.
I dont know how to overclock so it's at stock
I have an Antec new tp650, so more than enough power

here is the response I got from livechat with zotac

Dominic: Hi! This is Dom from ZotacUSA Technical Support. How may I help you?
andrew pilon: Hello
andrew pilon: I bought a gtx 460 1gb in January this year
andrew pilon: and put my computer together on the 20th of febuary
andrew pilon: up until today it has been great and running perfectly
andrew pilon: I was playing a game(world of warcraft) and when I was about to stop my computer froze and the display driver stopped working
Dominic: ok
andrew pilon: I restarted and basically kept getting the same issue
andrew pilon: as well as pixles and weird stuff going on while in the game
Dominic: get a driver sweeper (http://downloads.guru3d.com/Guru3D--...load-1655.html). Boot into safe mode, launch driver sweeper and select Nvidia Display and Aegia PhsyX (if the card is 8000 series or newer). Click clean. After a few seconds it should be done. Then reboot and install the current drivers.
andrew pilon: I tried this
andrew pilon: as well as rebboting
andrew pilon: rebooting with odler drivers
andrew pilon: after I tried this
Dominic: make sure your PSU meet both the wattage AND the amperage requirements, the Amps are a larger factor than the wattage. If you are running under the minimum amp requirements, it is likely you will have screen corruption or other issues.
Dominic: Do a hardware test on the graphics card. Download FurMark from http://www.ozone3d.net/benchmarks/fur/. Set the resolution to your desktop default and run the stability test. Run the test for at least 60 minutes. If it passes without errors the card is fine, if not it is likely a hardware issue within the card.
Dominic: Test system RAM. Go to www.memtest.org and download Memtest86+ V2.11 (precompiled ISO). This ISO will make a bootable CD, boot from the CD and let the memory test run. Let it run 60-90 minutes. If it takes errors, strip the memory down to one stick at a time, and test the modules individually and see where the error comes in. If it is not from a stick, then start testing the memory in different slots to narrow it down to module or motherboard.
andrew pilon: well
andrew pilon: the issue im having now
andrew pilon: is that im getting mobo beeps, 1 beep then 3 beeps which means no vga detected
andrew pilon: also tried using my old 8600 gt
andrew pilon: and I had absolutely no issues
Dominic: try the steps above
andrew pilon: how can I when I cant boot?
andrew pilon: because the mobo is giving me beeps


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Oct 19, 2010
Sounds like a faulty 460... just RMA it and get it replaced or money back or whatever works.


Senior member
Mar 9, 2011
Have you tried putting the 460 back in after using the 8600? I'm thinking that maybe it just wasn't completely seated the first time and vibrated lose a bit.

On the other hand, your PSU has 4 different 12v rails, right? Have you tried switching the cables around to try and get the video card drawing from a different rail?

I agree that it's probably just a bad card, but it might be worth it to to fidget with it for a bit longer before giving up on it.


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May 20, 2010
Sounds like a bad card for sure. RMA it and get a replacement, or get a full refund and spend the extra $30 for a GTX 560Ti.


Feb 5, 2011

took my 8600 out of my new rig and tried the 460 and no dice, however, I tried putting the card in the 8x slot and it booted. Further, after I booted down again, I put the 460 in the actual 16x and it booted up and im not having any issues. This is extremely weird, but i guess im just going to go with it and see if I have any issues after playing tonight

my rig currently:
2x2 gskill @ 1600

also, I've never before rma'd something, so I have 2 questions:
-Do most gpus companies offer advanced rma? mostly concerned with Zotac here.
-if I do rma, can I actually just ask for a complete refund?