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GTX 1080ti FE Underperforming


Junior Member
Nov 3, 2019
Hi guys,

I've this issue for about 10 months but I fail to figure out what is happening:

The machine is:

GTX 1080Ti FE
I7 4790k
DDR3 Hyperx 16 GB (2x8)
Asus z97-c
GPU and CPU both are custom water cooled.
Monitor - 2560x1080 LG (Monitor is freesync, but I am not using it anyways)

Remarks (as I got this offered as a solution quite often)

- Temps are OK - not more than 40 degree C
- GPU is running at 3.0 x16
- Tested with different DDR3 RAM - no change
- Tested both overclocked and stock
- Tried in different GPU PCI slot and different I/O port with both HDMI and DP)

Now the issue: In my opinion the GPU is quite underperforming since in GTA V i get around 60-70 FPS max with many things turned off. Even when i lower some of the settings i barely get around 90 FPS. The intersting part is that on FireStrike and Heaven (not sure was called that) I get around normal results. Check FireStrike: https://www.3dmark.com/3dm/40675738?

On Dota 2 I also get around 100 FPS which is also not normal.
Yes, I reinstalled all drivers, even reinstalled windows 10. Another interesting thing is, no matter if I run GTA V and dota on 1920x1080 or even the the Nvidia Super Resolution 3xxx x 15xx (something like that) i get no change in FPS

I have no clue what is going on....

Thanks guys


Diamond Member
May 24, 2005
3dmark is very gpu intensive so if anything it sounds like your cpu is underperforming, not your gpu. The games you listed where the pc is underperforming are all cpu intensive games, not gpu. If you think your gpu is underperforming, you should report what your gpu clockspeed is during game and your cpu utilization.


Senior member
Mar 19, 2005
It’s hard to say, but I have experienced performance issues (stuttering) caused by rivatuner (bundled with MSI afterburner).
I doubt this is you issue since it was fixed a while back for me, but it’s worth mentioning as an example of background software causing issues.

Monitor per-core CPU utilization, if you have any cores that are pegged at 100% while gaming then you’ve likely found your bottleneck.
Also try disabling the Windows 10 game bar stuff, as well as toggling game mode on or off.


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Oct 26, 2012
Upscale GTA V to 8k and monitor your clocks in game. GTA V is easily CPU limited even at 4k ultra. GTA V has the setting in game to do this.

DOTA 2 is 100% CPU bound as well.

I strongly recommend using Rivatuner in game to monitor GPU usage. You can absolutely be CPU limited even if none of the cores report 100% usage.

I have a similar CPU to yours and a 1080 ti FE. I am always CPU limited at 1080p and 1440p.