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Gtx 1080 Ti Fe - hot hair dryer smell when card is hot.


Dec 17, 2016
Hi. I have Gtx 1080 Ti Fe. I bought card in march 2017. However when card is on load and when i put face to my opened case i can feel hot air and weird hot smell. My case is opened always. All protective films are removed. Gpu temps 83-84C. Cpu temps 60C. 6700K no oc. That hot smell is always when i run some game and card is heated. Is this normal or not? Psu is Corsair 750 RM.

Its hard to describe this smell. It not smell like burning or something.
It doesn't exactly smell like a burning smell but, its more of a hot hair dryer smell.

Any ideas?
My case is Centurion Cooler Master 590


Jan 12, 2013
I would say please make sure it is not the PSU — I had a situation years ago where I thought the PSU was 100% solid and the GPU was dodgy. Turned out after 30+ minutes of high load (overclocked to hell GTX 570 or 580), the GPU would start to emit an electrical burning smell and because of where it was in the case it was difficult to sniff. Luckily I caught it before anything else happened, but it's worth making sure!!! (ie, take the damn PSU out of the case if you have to and give it a good sniff)

Does it go away after a while? Maybe some dust burning or toasting or something?
If you have an open case, you're going to get a small layer of dust everywhere. Maybe it's toasting somewhere close to something hot? :p


Apr 14, 2015
Clean the computer thoroughly. Could be hair, or dust, or both, being heated by multiple possible components in a computer.
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