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Gtx 1070 fans 100% black screen


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May 22, 2019
Hello everyone,

Issue: woke up a day or two ago to hear the fans running insanely fast but didn’t realize what it was til tried to get on pc where the screen was black and wouldn’t wake but could hear the windows tone on login screen. Reset pc and was good, a little while ago accidentally hit hdmi cable with foot and it black screened again and fans went to 100% unplugged and plugged in both ends of hdmi then had to restart when nothing changed
Possible solution or cause (found when searching this issue) Thermal compound on gpu where it shouldn’t be(don’t think it’s this as have had it for 6+ months with no issue Pins connecting from power source may not be in all the way( when I unplugged it they seemed a little lose so hoping this was issue) And lastly nothing to do with my search results, my fiancé’s cat insists on chewing hdmi and power cables for whatever redactedreason and I feel my hdmi may cause the issue due to the Knicks in it by her. Now idk why the cable would cause the fans to act in this way but I do know the only time I witnessed the event actually happen was when I hit the hdmi by accident.
I do have other hdmis I can swap out but didn’t know if that would actually solve the issue or is a waste of time

Thank you!

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Aug 25, 2001
If the cat is EATING the HDMI cable, sure, yes, that COULD be a problem. I mean, ya think? If it shorts out the output from your video card, yeah, it could crash the card.

Replace the HDMI cable with a new fresh one, and get back to us.

Sgt. York

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Mar 27, 2016
OP, why wouldn't you take 2 minutes to try another HDMI cable, which you say you have on hand, knowing your present cable has been chewed on?