GT200b to launch at Nvision 08 (Aug 25-27)

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Mar 21, 2004
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Really seems like a lot of folks are grasping at straws for any reason they can to bash multi-gpu setups...
In any case, ATi will have the fastest single card via Mult-GPU. nVidia has the fastest single GPU and nVidia has the fastest multi-GPU setup. Those are the facts... Doesn't matter if you don't want to use multi-GPU or not, those are still the facts.
Actually, the HD 4870X2 outperforms the GTX 280 in SLI more often than not. But quite strange considering that a single HD 4870 cannot outperform a 280, seems that the scaling in Crossfire is outstanding (When it works). So nVidia has the fastest single GPU, ATi has the fastest single via Multi GPU card, and both trade blows in Multi GPU setups.

There some more other websites, but I'm sleepy as hell. Crysis for some reason doesn't scale well with Crossfire, ATi should fix it soon.
the 4870x2 also has gpu-gpu communication on the card as well as 1GB of ram (per gpu) giving it a larger frame buffer then the 4870.
And CF is known to scale better then SLI