Graphic Stuttering? Can anyone explain?


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May 26, 2001
I have a P4-1.6A@2.25GHz (1.6v), 256MB of pc2700@DDR376, CL Geforce 2 Gts 32MB default clockspeed, 30GB Maxtor ata100, SB Audigy, HP CDRW, Toshiba DVDRom, Linksys network card.... all on a 420w PSU.

Anyway, i'm annoyed with the fact that when playing most games, the graphics pause or stutter every so often. I don't know if my Geforce 2 card is dying or what. But it is real annoying. On certain games it is more noticeable than others.. mostly on direct3d games. I've tried every option.. turning vsync off.. downclocking my system to default speeds.. still the same. I wish i had another video card to test this thing. Cause it's annoying!

Also.. i'm using WinXP with all updates. I've done a format and reinstall so that's not it. I'm just begining to think that the hardware T&L of my card is fooked or something cause it happens on 3dmark2001 too. It would stutter bad sometimes when running the test, but when i select software T&L, it runs smooth.