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Graduating next may; when to start sending out resumes/interviewing?


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May 16, 2006
I have a year left of my mechanical engineering degree, and I've started researching companies and job opportunities. There are a couple already posted on our school employment site.

Is it too early to apply for the job and perhaps get an interview? I know that sounds weird, and I want to have a job lined up as soon as possible (who doesn't), but I don't wanna end up getting an offer and having to make a decision too soon. I don't wanna take my first offer and get shorted.

When you get an interview, how long does it usually take for the company to make a decision? Then, if they give you an offer, when do they usually expect a final decision from you?

We have a career fair here next month with a number of companies. The jobs that are currently posted on the school's site are not companies coming here next month. Should I just wait until the career fair before I start doing any interviews?

It seems to me that its unlikely a company would hire someone 6 or 7 months before they graduate (maybe I'm wrong).


Feb 5, 2006
Now. No, it's not too early. Your fall semester of senior year is the time to find a job for next year.


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Feb 5, 2000
On your resume, make sure your graduation date is listed. When you're interviewing, tell them you'll be available in May of 2008. Make sure it's very clear to those you're interviewing with so there's no misunderstanding.

If a company is really impressed with you and there's not a super-immediate need, they may be willing to wait for you. Where I'm working now, I interviewed in January and the company knew that I wouldn't be available until May, but they really were impressed with my work and they were willing to wait for me. They even delayed the install of some equipment so I'd be there to oversee the install and learn the machine.

Looking early will give you an advantage over classmates who may be waiting until next year. Let me tell you, going into your last semester knowing you've got a job lined up takes a TON of stress off.


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May 16, 2006
What are companies expectations this early, though? If I interview in the next few months, and get an offer, are they going to want a commitment right away (i.e. a few days after the job is offered to me)?

I don't think I would have any leverage regarding salary if I accept my first offer.

Also, can you submit too many resumes online to too many places? I've dug thru a lot of companies' websites and probably found 25 I liked. Most of them aren't local to my area (I assume the first step would be a phone interview, right? I'm not expected to jump on a plane to 15 different cities I hope) so I'm not sure how interested companies are regarding people from far away.


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Jan 28, 2002
Originally posted by: MasterOfKtulu109

It seems to me that its unlikely a company would hire someone 6 or 7 months before they graduate (maybe I'm wrong).
This is true for jobs posted on Monster or Craigslist, but not for fresh college grads.

Every big company has a quota of fresh college grad intake per year, they will generally start recruiting in September for jobs that start at June. Because these jobs are aimed towards fresh grads, they expect to wait until June.

So it really depends on what type of jobs you apply to.