Discussion GPU Upgrade for OBS and ProPresenter (Going from 3 1080p Outputs to 4)


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Jun 24, 2006
I recently built a computer and based on the ProPresenter system requirements for multiple monitor support. I went with an Intel A380. It was OK for awhile with 3 1080p outputs (1 on the 5600g igpu and 2 on the Intel A380), but now we're thinking of adding another 1080p output and we're already pushing 60-70% utilization on both GPUs when running OBS and ProPresenter.

We don't take advantage of AV1 streaming just yet and are using the 5600g's igpu to handle the streaming through OBS.

Should I replace the A380 with a 30x0 series card or should I get another A380 and just run 2 of them? My budget is around $200-300, but don't want to spend too much for just ProPresenter and OBS. Open to ideas.