GPU Fan speed questions


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Dec 16, 2006
I'm a bit of a noob at this so was hoping you guys could help me out:

1) I DLed the nVidia System Tools thingy (~78 meg DL, was supposed to allow me to adjust clocks, fans, etc.) It added a Performance thing to my nVidia Control Panel. All I wanted to do with it was to crank up my GPU fan. However, I couldn't figure out how to do that. When I go to the screen that has the clocks, volts, fan, etc. the slider bar for fan doesn't work and the bar is at 0%. Am I doing something wrong or can you actually NOT adjust fan speed with it? Since it's an addon to an "official" nVidia thing, I'd much rather adjust fans with it than a 3rd-party prog if it can work.

2) I DLed RivaTuner 2.22 and cranked fans up to 61% (wouldn't do 60 for some reason.) Assuming I don't mind the noise, is there any other downside to having the GPU fans run high? Do they wear out faster or something? Just want to make sure I'm not damaging something. How high do you guys normally run your fan? I'm not OCing btw, I just get GPU heat related crashes in games sometimes.

3) Is there maybe like a registry setting I could change that could take care of adjusting fan speed for me? RivaTuner doc mentions that all it does is adjust reg values. That way, I wouldn't need either of the above progs.



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Nov 28, 2007
Riva Tuner is the best tool to increase your fan speed, so use that and nothing more. Of course that by running your fan at higher speeds would probably decrease its life, but who knows by how much and you're not going to keep your card 10 years, so it doesn't matter probably.
I'd would suggest to make some fan profiles, so that the fan speeds up only when your gaming, depending on temperature. Search on, since they have an easy guide for that.


Nov 26, 2001
You can use EVGA precision tuner. I don't know if they work for cards without a EVGA bios.