Governor Schwarzenegger Thread - Edit 11-18-2003 Arnold goes to work immediately to rebuild California, Best Wishes Gov

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Oct 13, 1999
Originally posted by: xxxxxJohnGaltxxxxx
GDP will increase during Q3 and Q4 of this can take that to the proverbial bank.
That is exactly the problem. It is no longer Gross Domestic Production. You cannot have American Companies
calling themselves an American Company when the name is nothing but a figurehead when all of the Production
is done overseas. That is really GFP (Gross Foreign Production). It is high time to discredit and take away
the articles of Corporation and American Corporation status to Companies that have shipped all the jobs and
Production overseas. Having a few Office workers in a shell of a Headquarters building on U.S. soil
to reap the Rape money does not qualify as an American Company.



Aug 9, 2002
I wouldn't be to worried about his IQ, case in point, Bush Jr. Man, comedians are going to have a field day with this.


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Oct 9, 1999
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OK, stop with the name calling, sounds as bad as Davis calling Arnie all kinds of names which I'm sure contributed to his decisive loss.

A record 70% Voter turnout, closest amount of voters was 1982 and this exceeded that by at least 5%. The people have clearly spoken.

The really interesting thing about this is that the promise of Arnies new group of people in charge bringing jobs back to California is what the people in the rest off the Country are looking for at the Federal level and not getting from the current group in control and looking to a new group that can get the job done.
Eh, the turnout isnt anywhere near 70%. At 95% reporting, its 7,661,543 votes out of 15,380,536 registered voters, or almost 50%.
They weren't going by the number of registered Voters, going by the number that came out to vote compared to the other Elections.

Voter turnout has been as dismal as 12% so getting a 70% increase over that is quite a statement.

Tim Russert pegged it this morning, "The California Electorate is showing how angry not just Californians are at Partisan Politics but the entire Country, they are willing to punish Incumbents no matter what party". "This is a precursor to next year's General Election". Katie Couric also said the S word too, "It's the Economy, Stupid".

Bet your A$$ America is angry.
I dont agree that this is a precursor to next years election.
It's the spin to try to lessen the impact this is having on the Democrats. It wasn't unexpected - I fully expected the press to eat up and spew forth such trash. People disliked DAVIS - and had a very popular choice for replacement. So the only way this is a precurser to next year is if the Democrats find an overly popular figure to run against Bush.

People don't like BUSH - any choice will be popular for replacement.



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Oct 13, 1999
Any comments on the U.S. Constitutional Ammendment to allow Foreign born citizens that have been a citizen for at least
20 years to be eligible to be President? Will it pass? Senator Orin Hatch(R) is the sponsor of the Bill.

This would technically allow Arnold to run in 2004 as it would be 20 years for him, he became a U.S. citizen in 1984.
Of course I'm sure the Repubs would only consider him as a VP running mate.



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Oct 13, 1999
"I enter this office beholden to no one except you, my fellow citizens. I pledge my governorship to your interests, not to special interests," Schwarzenegger said.

He does this, then there is hope for California and the Country.

11-18-2003 Governor Schwarzenegger Calls Legislative Session

Schwarzenegger wants lawmakers to reform workers' compensation law, deal with the budget deficit and repeal a bill granting driver's licenses to undocumented immigrants.

Calling himself "an idealist without illusions," Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger took charge of California immediately after he was sworn in on Monday, repealing an unpopular car tax hike and calling the Legislature into a special session to deal with the state's budget mess.

Also Monday, Schwarzenegger suspended implementation of new state regulations and called for a review of all regulations adopted, amended or repealed during Davis' administration.

Front and center will be the state economy which, while showing some signs of recovery, is troubled. California's credit rating is the lowest among all 50 states and state finances are in disarray.

Schwarzenegger promised to put the state's finances in order, and added "I will not rest until California is a competitive, job-creating machine."

Democrats, still the state's dominant party, have said that they will be willing to give the new governor a chance ? but most observers agree political good will is not a lasting commodity.
If the Democrats continue to Poo Poo on the people they will be the ones that will smell like it. Hopefully Arnold is successful and that success spread to the rest of the Country.