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Got some cute pups that need adopting


Apr 17, 2004




[Below pasted from my Craig's List posting...I am located in Raleigh, NC]
We rescued Brownie & Cocoa from the Harnett County Animal Shelter yesterday. They are two very cute 5 month old Lab/Hound mix puppies and are sisters. Unfortunately we don't have room for them to stay with us long-term as we have 2 dogs already.

These puppies are very docile and are not over-active like most puppies this age. They will play with each other or other dogs, but do not get too worked up or hyper. We think they may have been beaten at some point, as they are very meek and submissive; they back down if you raise your voice at all.

Brownie is missing a couple patches of hair. the shelter said they think she lost that hair from repeatedly crawling under a mobile home, we think it should grow back in time. Copper has more tan coloring on her muzzle & feet. Neither are really attached to their names if you don't like it.
I would say they weigh less than 30 pounds each.
Both are mostly brown color, with big floppy hound-dog ears. When we saw the ad on the Harnett Co. Shelter site, we couldn't resist their cute faces. Hopefully someone with a big heart and the ability to care for these great puppies will feel the same way.

House training is beginning. Only one has had an accident inside, and only one time. The other sniffed at the back door and immediately went out & peed. As with all puppies, they need guidance on what they can or can not do inside. They listen well and are picking up voice commands quickly. Some diligent training and they will make a great & loyal addition to any family.

We are taking them to a spay/neuter clinic soon, where they will also get all current vaccinations & testing. Due to the cost of this, we will be asking an adoption fee. It also helps ensure only people truly interested in taking on the responsibility of these puppies will inquire about adopting them.


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Aug 2, 2000
If I didn't live in an apartment, I'd already be on the road. Looking at those paws, they're going to grow a bit more.


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Feb 24, 2000
If we lived near you I'be in your livingroom gawking at your wife ... err new LCD ;)


Apr 17, 2004
Just finished watching Rescue Me on it :D

They will get a good amount bigger. They have that goofy, lanky movements about them right now. Sooo cute with their big floppy ears and abormally-large looking paws

A quick note about why we rescued them: that shelter puts down most of the animals they have every 5 days or so. Apparently they get lots of intake but the population is very scarce around that area (Lillington, NC) and so they have few adoptions. My wife saw these pups and showed them to me, and well we couldn't say no.