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Question Google Drive backup problem


Apr 2, 2008
I use EaseUS Todo Backup Free 13.0 to set my Google Drive and external drive backups.

I have not had any problems with the backups to my external SSD drive using EaseUS Todo Backup. But the daily incremental backups to my Google Drive account stopped three months ago, and the full backups are not complete each month. My Google Drive full backup on January 3rd-5th was seven 5Gb files, but my full backup February 7th was two 5Gb files.

I use WiFi to connect to the internet, so maybe the WiFi connection is inconsistent or too weak to complete the daily incremental backups. I use a Google H2E extender. My internet connection is consistent, but it does disconnect occasionally. But my monthly backups to Google Drive always complete for the files Todo Backup attempts to copy, and the incremental backups to Google Drive completed consistently until a couple months ago. But it took from January 3rd to the 5th to complete the full backup. Shouldn't the full backup complete in one day? When I try to force an incremental backup to Google Drive by clicking the "Backup" button, the backup procedure runs for a a very long time and eventually fails each time.

I don't have access to a landline internet connection, only WiFi. So I cannot test Todo Backup with a landline connection. The router is in my landlord's apartment, and my extender is in my apartment. I don't have access to my landlord's router.

I never have a problem downloading documents or programs. But sometimes Youtube videos fail to download. I use 4K Video Downloader to download videos.

In Todo Backup on the Backup Scheme window I have Backup method set to Incremental, Schedule Type set to Daily, Time set at 6:00 AM, and the "Wake the computer to run this backup" and "Run missed backup at system startup if computer is shutdown" boxes checked

My Google Drive storage space is always well below full capacity.

The are tons of error messages in Todo Backup which are multiples of these:"Local File Full Backup- 0x38BF600F", "Local File Full Backup-0x34F600F", "Local File Full Backup-0x34DF600B", and "Local File Incremental Backup-0x2ED3A080"

Should I conclude that my WiFi connection is preventing the uploads to my Google Drive account? Thanks for any replies.


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May 23, 2001
I don't know anything about your specific situation, but attempting to upload 5gb files seems like it's ripe for being interrupted. Unless whatever is uploading files to google has a built in recovery system, I'd be more surprised by success than failure.

Just a wild-ass guess, but maybe you will get more success using significantly smaller pieces, e.g. 10mb or 25mb.


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Mar 15, 2007
you forgot to say how fast your upload is, i have 30mbit upload and am able to upload 15gb files fine. (one time it did error and say to retry)


Apr 2, 2008
I tested using two sources. My front door is next to my extender. It seems that when I have that door open that I get a better connection, but the results contradict that. My extender is on a windowsill. I usually have that window open only about eight inches.

Upload and download speed tests on 3/24/21:
From highspeedinternet.com:
With door and window open:
Download speed=40.63 Mbps
Upload speed=12.49Mbps

With door closed and window open about 8 inches:
Download speed=38.6 Mbps
Upload speed=21.45Mbps

From speedtest.net:
With door and window open:
Download speed=40.72 Mbps
Upload speed=33.38Mbps

With door closed and window open about 8 inches:
Download speed=45.28 Mbps
Upload speed=32.32Mbps