Good webcam capture app?


Senior member
Aug 10, 2000
I just picked up a used webcam, and I'm looking for a good video capture program. I don't need to serve as an actual webcam putting images on a web page, but I am interested in capturing and maybe even editing video. It's an Intel PC Deluxe Camera, and since I run Windows 2000 I can't use the Intel Create and Share app that comes with it (not like I'd want to, anyways), so I need a replacement. Does Ulead Video Studio capture from webcams and edit? I have access to that app, so that's my first choice. Or does anyone know of a good capture program other than that? Thanks!

And for those of you that are going to rag on me for picking up with one particular camera, I got it used, and in uncertain shape (the person doesn't know if it works because they were never able to get it working on their computer, and I paid less than $20 even with shipping), so I'm not worried about losing money. Worst case scensario, I have something cool to take apart.