Good tutorials/way to learn Matlab, Mathematica, R, etc.?


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Oct 1, 2001
A couple of my professors this year want me to use math programs like Matlab and Mathematica, as well as R in statistics. However, I have very little experience with math programs, yet every professor assumes I know how already (and requests to them fall on deaf ears). Somehow, the rest of my class must have had a computer science course or other math course in which these things were taught or introduced. I've had some experience with Maple, but the language just isn't intuitive for me (probably since I've never learned a programming language). I can do what I see in basic tutorials, but if I try to "guess" the abbreviaton or command line for what I want to do next, I'm almost always wrong.

Are there any good tutorials/suggestions on how to learn these programs? Online searches haven't yielded much stuff of any value, and the little bit my school's department provides online is weak.

Thanks for the suggestions.


Jun 15, 2001
I picked up a Matlab book on Amazon a few months ago. I'll be damned if I can find it now, but I think it was just called "Using Matlab 7". It's not free, but it may be more convinent for you to just buy it.