good small business router with VPN capabilities?


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Oct 10, 1999
I've been using Linksys/Cisco RV082s almsot exclusively for a few years, but just found a limitation that I can't accept.

I just wasted 3 hours of my life trying to block traffic to unauthorized DNS servers from the RV082.

I created rules to block both TCP and UDP port 53 from the LAN side, and created rules to allow traffic to authorized DNS servers (OpenDNS). No matter what I did, workstations could still be set to use other DNS servers and browse the web without issue.

Looking at the router's online Help, I saw this:

Custom rules can be created to override the RV082 default rules, but there are four additional default rules that will be always active, and custom rule can not override the four rules.
* HTTP service from LAN side to RV082 is always allowed.
* DHCP service from LAN side is always allowed.
* DNS service from LAN side is always allowed.
* Ping service from LAN side to RV082 is always allowed.

I think I just lost faith in my favorite router. Why in the world would they not allow you to block/restrict DNS traffic?

Can anyone recommend any other small business-class router to consider with similar VPN capabilities?



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Feb 24, 2006
Cisco's ASA5505s are pretty decent. If that's out of the price range for what you need, they have a new SA 520 appliance which looks pretty decent as far as the spec sheet goes, though I have no actual experience with it.