Good deal? - DIGITAL CAMERA/WEBCAM 8MB USB 1024X768 98/ME/2000 - $100 @


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Jun 5, 2000
It costs $110 - use the 10 of 100 coupon for existing coupons (at you knows where) or add $40 and use the $30 coupon.

Here are the specs:

The D-Link DSC-350 Dual-Mode Camera is a multi-purpose Digital Camera with a high speed USB (Universal Serial Bus) interface. The DSC-350 is a three-in-one solution that combines the features of a digital still capture camera with a digital video camera and a PC WebCam wrapped into one convenient pocket size device. With twice as much imaging memory as any other digital camera in its class, it can store up to 500 still images or up to 4.5 minutes of video. The USB interface makes it easy to connect the DSC-350 digital camera to a PC to download stored images or video for later editing. Then the user can switch to WebCam mode and capture images, create video e-mails, videoconference directly from the PC.

The D-Link DSC-350 includes 8 megabytes of Flash memory, and has multiple still capture resolution settings, which range from up to 1024x768 resolution for high quality digital still images to 640x480, 320x240, and 160x120. The DSC-350 also supports video with 24-Million colors at 30 Frames per second by using the high bandwidth of USB and advanced light-sensing technology. As a fully contained unit, no video capture card or additional hardware is necessary. The unit simply attaches via a standard USB type A connector to a PC or downstream USB hub, and sits on the monitor or desk top with its tilt-swivel base.

The DSC-350 is bundled with powerful digital photo/video editing and video conferencing software that lets users print, store, share, edit, e-mail, or even post the captured memories to the Web. The MGI PhotoSuite III SE software allows easy editing and modification of digital photos. Motion video editing software is also included, MGI VideoWave III SE, which allows robust video capture and editing features that allow users to combine video clips, add sound, and save them to preferred storage media or to publish the images on the Internet. The DSC-350 runs under Microsoft NetMeeting for videoconference calls over the Internet or phone line.

The D-Link DSC-350 Dual-Mode Camera ships complete, providing a tilt-swivel base, tripod socket, handy carrying case, wrist strap, USB cable and all the necessary hardware and software for a user to begin making digital photos and videos immediately. Software is included to download digital photos or recorded digital video directly to a PC to edit, save to hard drive or floppy disk, e-mail, or print. The DSC-350 can hold up to 145 still images in its highest resolution (1024 x 768) or 4 minutes of video on its 8MB of flash memory. The still images are saved in JPG format, and the video is saved in AVI or MPG format for maximum compatibility with most Microsoft Windows applications. Also, the DSC-350 draws power directly from the USB bus making it ideal for use with a laptop or other portable computer.

640x480 resolution CMOS sensor
Resolution 1024x768 (Interpolation), 640x480, 320x240
Fix Focus (Manual Focus)
2 Aperture - 2.2/5.6
Max. frame/Sec. - 30 fps@VGA
8MB build in flash memory
160 images in 1024x768 and 640x480 resolution
160 Sec. of Video Recording (AVI and MPEG1 format)
USB Interface

I would buy this, but it looks like the flash ram isn't upgradeable, and the resolution is interpolated.

anyone have an experience with this camera?


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Sep 4, 2000
not really a hot deal...anyway this is a horrible camera from what i read review wise. was given a 1/5 twice. stay away. save your money and wait for a deal to come around on one with an lcd viewfinder. should be one eventually for around the 150$ mark, just keep your eyes open and it'll be worth the wait.


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Oct 9, 1999
Since it has a cmos imaging sensor it &quot;might&quot; be worth 30-40 bux. You want one that has a ccd image sensor. ;)

With a cmos camera 640x480 is about the same as 480x360 on one that has a ccd sensor. And then worse color and clarity.


Oct 17, 1999
Im supposed to be writing a review on this soon and I have taken a few pictures, I'll send whoever wants them the pictures if they email me. The pictures aren't the best quality but what do you expect for a cheapo cam? :)


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Oct 4, 2000
I bought one of these when they first hit the market, and I couldn't believe what a piece of junk it was. It wasn't out of the box 2 hours before I was calling for an RMA number.


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Sep 25, 2000

Piece of junk....

WebCam function....poor image quality, despite using different types of software.

Digital cam function....ONLY USE OUTSIDE in bright sunglight.
If you don't, images will be blurred as it will have to expose the image for upto 1/2sec. Color balance is very poor also. 1024x768??? It's a's really like 640*480 streteched to 1024x768....looks bad.

Drained several sets of alkaline batteries quickly with unit.....WHY? There is NO FLASH, no preview LCD.....basic camera.....lame.

I returned this camera back to the online dealer with a lengthy note....they no longer carry it (because it doesnt' meet their quality standards....).



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Oct 6, 2000
The 1024x768 resolution is not a true resolution.
D-Link's own Web site (curiously in fine print) D-Link's own Web site says that the highest resolution is interpolated. So it basically stretched out the 640x480 resolution. :frown: