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Question Golden Field M3S mini-ITX Aluminum + Tempered Glass case. Not bad.


Aug 25, 2001

Pretty darn lightweight. I used an ASRock H470-ITX/ac mobo, with both 1GbE and 2.5GbE, and AC wifi (Wifi 5), and dual M.2 NVMe slots, 2x DDR4 DIMM slots, 4x SATA6G ports, front USB3.0, front USB2.0. Paired with a G6400 Pentium 4.0Ghz dual-core w/HT 10th-Gen CPU.

I didn't use any sort of "fancy" RGB, although I thought about getting an RGB PSU, and RGB RAM. It would probably make it look nicer. And I was going to use a Rosewill Blue LED 120mm case fan at the top, but rather than search for it, I had a Scythe dual ball-bearing 120mm fan (in black) handy, so I just used it. It seems like you probably do need at least one fan in the rig, and the top port seemed the best place to put it.

The PSU mounts internally, sucking air in from the inside, and blowing it DOWNWARDS, which is kind of wierd, since the top exhaust fan is UPWARDS. Too bad there isn't a PSU fan reversal switch. :p

I used a Rosewill Leptop 500W 80Plus Gold Semi-Modular ATX PSU, it is quiet. The whole rig is pretty whisper-quiet, the Scythe DBB fan is only 1200RPM, and I can't hear it over my mining rig(s) and window exhaust fan.

Given how mostly-simple this thing is, I wish it were more around $50 or even just $60, $67.99 seems slightly steep for it, but it does look really sweet externally.

The power LED is a blue ring around the power switch, and the HDD LED turns it red, briefly (or purple).

It has a single front USB3.0 and a single front USB2.0 port, and a headphone and a mic port.


May 19, 2020
Very nice setup!

Got me to wondering about USB 2 though. Why are they still present on modern motherboards and cases? USB 3 should work fine with a usb 2 device plugged in, so why have any USB 2 these days?


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Sep 28, 2005
Larry that thing is an oven..
I can smell bacon cooking on that unit.

You need a short cable psu, or your going though wiring hell
Not enough intake ports....
Temper Glass is a excellent insulator, so its not going help at all getting rid of heat.
PSU is mounted internally in a wierd position which can contribute to heat.

Honestly i would not even bother if your going to use a dedicated GPU, as it will probably cry from throttling.


Aug 25, 2001
No dedicated GPU, just integrated. And there are vent holes, on the back side (picture shows a 120mm fan mounted there), vent holes on the "right side", and on the bottom too. With a single top-mounted 120mm fan. CPU temps never got above 53-54C, running 4Ghz full-load (?) using CPU-Z Stress Test.