Going to see Aladdin on broadway tonight

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Jun 24, 2004
I take the ball and chain to see a broadway show once or twice a year. Tonight is Aladdin! I bought these tickets a while ago during the first pre-sales and was able to snag VIP 4th row center for a very reasonable price. I really enjoy broadway shows, musicals and such are just plain fun and the pageantry makes me happy.

Aladdin looks to be a great show and very beautiful sets / costumes from what I hear.

Since we have been together we have seen:

Book of Mormon. I bought these tickets WAY before our show and just as it was ramping up in press. I have never wished more that I bought more tickets to sell outside the theater. People were BEGGING for extra tickets, was crazy!

Once. The mom from HIMYM was the female lead in this so that was pretty funny to see her on TV later on without that accent. Had third row right orch for this, people were in our seats when we arrived. They just helped themselves. They were old and also proceeded to talk during the performance. Who spends hundreds of dollars on a broadway show and behaves like this?

Addams Family at the Easton State Theater. I love the Addams Family and this show was pretty funny.

Christmas Story. This was with her Family, they are obsessed with this movie. Show had technical difficulties, which was funny. The house was in a few different pieces and they couldn't click them together once or twice, so the actors were jumping around to different pieces of their house. Besides the fact that we were in row ZZZZZZZZ it was fine.

Previously I would borrow my dads monthly parking pass for by the Fox News place a few blocks away, now I have to pay for parking again like a schlub :(
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