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GOG - Sleepy Sheep Insomnia Sale


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Aug 6, 2005
Yeah, it just kicked off . . . figured it was about time for their Spring sale.


9 minutes ago
Limited-quantity deals round-the-clock | Free games | Tired-looking sheep.
Don't fall asleep, don't look away… heck, just give up blinking.
Prepare yourselves a cauldron of hot coffee and stock up on eyedrops! Our infamous Insomnia Sale returns with a relentless stream of limited-quantity deals, one game after the other, nonstop until the games run out. Or the sheep doze off.
We've been studying your valuable feedback on this annual event, including comments like "AAAAARRRRGHHHHHH!!!" and "Please, why won't you let me sleep?!". We took them to heart and decided that what you guys are saying is that you need more gaming stimulants to fight away sleepiness. Worry not, we're here to help.
You lucky Insomniacs will also be treated to a number of games never before seen on GOG.com as well as the best-ever deal on our crowning jewel - The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (-50% after the recent price drop, that's $24.99 in the USA).
And, because we're not entirely sadistic, we're even offering bonus freebies to the sleep-deprived. Buy 10 games, get a random extra one for FREE — keep buying and they'll keep coming faster and faster!
If you want to learn more about the intricacies behind this whole science of non-sleep, check out the promo FAQ. But don't dally there too long, because games will start disappearing before your bloodshot eyes!
The GOG.com Insomnia Sale starts Monday, March 21, 2:00 PM GMT and will run until the limited-quantity deals run out.
While counting sheep and game deals, make sure to also drop by our imgur page and grab your Insomnia wallpapers.
Twitch Insomnia Marathon
We won't let you fall asleep while you're waiting for your favorite game to go on sale! Tune in at any time of day or night to twitch.tv/GOGcom for the best games being played by our mighty team of streamers, joined by special guests. 20 streamers. 100 hours of gameplay. Lots of empty coffee mugs.

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May 21, 2013
The concept always seems fun enough. I never see something I want when I happen to log in, and I'm not about to be on the page 24/7.

I still love the Jack Keane gridlock, though.