Giving word a domain name when opening though the Internet


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May 14, 2003
Hi guys,

I have a small but annoying problem I was hoping you could help me with.

I have implemented a solution for a customer. This allows employees to log on to a website, and open documents in Word. After editing they can be saved, and will be uploaded automatically.
The site uses SharePoint, so users can check in / check out etc.

The site runs on IIS 6.0

The site itself uses Forms authentication and integrates with the customers AD. this works fine.

Word prompts for username/password as well, using Windows Authentican, I think. This is fine too, but there is a small annoyance: Word assumes that the website's URL is the domain. It isn't, and thus users have to enter credentials as domain\user/PW instead of just user/PW.

A small thing, but i bugs me. Is there a way to tell Word which domain to use as default?