Giving someone a Linksys WRT150N which version of DD-WRT


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Oct 4, 2005
Someone I know has a router but it has like 8mb of ram and they often have to unplug it and replug it in as they have like 4-5 people online.

So I came across this router but want to amp it up with DD-WRT. Plus the default firmware has negative reviews.

I believe std generic builds are the ones to use. Unless there is another I should?

Found this under stable in the FTP section. V24-sp1: SP1/Consumer/Linksys/WRT150N_v1/ Heard it has a security bug though?

The website says V24-PreSP2 build 14896 <--Version flashed. Some say this build is quirky.

Others say newer Broadcom versions should work.... Should I put the latest on? Seems like it could be a bad idea lol.

Wouldn't mind having the option to set TCP Congestion Control to WestWood.

In the end as long as it's stable and works better than the old router and of course is secure.

Unless I hear otherwise here as this can be a bit confusing I think I'll just leave V24-PreSP2 build 14896 on and tell them to let me know if it's better or the same or worse than there current router then go from there. As they are picking it up Today.
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