girl fight - shovel to the head

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Jun 23, 2004
Uhh, the initial fighting was consensual combat. Both were willing participants and both stated it as such.

The fight ended when the girl in black says she is done and has had enough. When the girl in black says that and tells the girl in pink to leave it's over. The girl in pink not leaving is criminally trespassing by continuing to remain on the property and following the girl in black around in an attempt to instigate the fight further again.

If you want an analogous scenario this is like a girl saying "No" to sex just after taking off all her clothes and saying "yes" up until that point. Once someone says "No" it is over and trying to continue sexual contact is rape after that.

Continuing actions against someone that has disengaged from a given scenario is a criminal action in most cases. The girl in pink should have just said, "Fuck it, I won and I'm leaving" and left it at that. When she followed the girl in black up to her house she was leaving herself open to the girl in black being able to use up to deadly force with a weapon to defend herself now.

I consider fighting like this stupid on both parts, but the girl in pink was the stupidest in the end.

:'( We completely agree on something! :wub:


Jan 12, 2005
I doubt the law affords any right to chase a person.

The law should just say "If your going to act like a dickhead then you'll have to live with the consequences of hanging around with dickheads, get the fuck out of my courtroom for I take a shovel to the both of you".


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Jul 15, 2003
LOL white girls fighting, black girls would have been drawing blood in thirty seconds after the hair weaves are torn off.