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Discussion Gigabyte's modular PC


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Aug 11, 2001
I'm sure it will appeal to someone, but without knowing if this is a one shot motherboard or so freakin' big that it can house a standard ATX, looks like an expensive way to buy a proprietary system where once the PC seems dated and you want a new one, you just have a very expensive battery powered bluetooth speaker out of it, and with no idea if you can replace the battery years later unless you're more technically inclined than the average buyer is likely to be.

I don't see the gaming angle at all. 5G antenna on top? Nope, if I'm pouring a premium into gaming it's going to be for lowest latency, hardwired LAN connection and besides, if you really think an antenna on the top of a case is novel, you can drill a hole in any case and throw an antenna mount there. Okay it looks like a wing, like I can pretend it will just fly away if it wants to, or something.

Then again, to some money is no object and they do want new gear every couple years, but for that lifespan I tend to agree with SMOGZINN that this doesn't seem like it has more virtues than detriments compared to a laptop, except vastly improved sound system but only due to having to lug around something so large that you could just bring a bluetooth speaker along separately in the event you need that, a speaker more optimized for its own form factor rather than for a PC stack, then also more desirable as a standalone to use with a phone as an audio source.

I guess it looks kinda artistic, but I put my PC under my desk where I'm not looking at it so that benefit is lost, and I really don't get the portability angle at all for gaming when it doesn't have a keyboard or screen built in. It's like they didn't think the concept through and mistakenly thought gamers just like to blow money rather than spending it on performance related upgrades that a proprietary system may not support doing. Maybe it does have an ample PSU and PCIe slot + space to hold any double height, full length video card you want, but I doubt it.

WAIT! Now I see their vision. This is perfect, if you are an artist, living in a van down by the river. (or a nut living in a shed next to railroad tracks).
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