gigabytes bords give pci error and cannot find hardware!/irq


Junior Member
Dec 16, 2000
Every time i run a game on my pc I get a blue screen of death, "vortex pci error:eek:x1001". I have just recently upgrade to a AMD thunderbird 1, with a gigabyte GA-7IXE4 motherboard. I have a pci wintv card and a voodoo 3 2000, also i have a vortex sound blaster emulation sound card. I also i have a irq conflict with my sound card and if i did not have the wintv disk the motherboard could not find pci audi and pci multimedia. Any ideas. Have I got a crappy board. I never had these problems with a p2 3000 mhz system. Now my system is so unstable.

best wishes