Question Gigabyte motherboard does not give display or power to any peripherals until the OS is booted


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Dec 26, 2022
Hello everyone,

I recently got a new 24 inch 1920x1080 monitor for my computer and I installed it today. The display is gorgeous. My old monitor used a VGA cable but the new monitor uses an HDMI one. When I boot the PC, I am greeted with a screen displaying: <<GIGABYTE Insist on Ultra Durable>> and <<PRESS DEL TO ENTER SETUP PRESS F12 FOR BOOT MENU>> etc. With the new monitor, I do not get that screen and the USB keyboard and mouse don't get any power until the OS(Linux Mint) boots. This way, I cannot enter the BIOS setup or the boot menu. I want to dualboot Windows 7 and Linux and I don't have access to the boot menu.
The motherboard's model is H61M-S2PV REV 2.2. The PC has 4GB of ram, an Intel Core i3 4th gen processor and my graphics card is a Mobility Radeon HD 5430 with both VGA and HDMI output.
Can somebody help me please?



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Aug 25, 2001
Check your "OS Selection", there's usually a choice of "Windows 7", "Windows 8/10", and "Non-Windows OS" or "Other OS".

That controls whether the BIOS initializes the mobo's PnP hardware, or waits and passes it to the OS to init.

(Set this to "Other OS" for Linux.)