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Question Gigabyte GC-4XM2G4 (AORUS Gen4 AIC Adaptor) - Need to hit maximum speed with 8TB SSD total storage


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Nov 21, 2005
Need 4x quantity of Gen4 SSD's to get the 19,000mbps write / 15,000mbps read results as seen below.
Which best option AMD or Intel motherboard and SSD's do I need to be able to achieve this and will I need RAID's on the card?

Price or new build is not an issue, just need proven or near-close guaranteed results on the read / write scenario.
This is for benchmarking and I just want the fastest read/write at this moment as of Jan 2021.

Been trying to google the replication of, but can't find anything that anyone actually duplicated to get these results.


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Sep 28, 2005
at this moment either or due to no cards with bifurcation will natively run PCIE-4.0.

And yes you need to Raid-0 on them.
So i change my recommendation if you need it bootable or not.
As AMD will allow Boot option for R0 Nvme, while i believe intel makes you pay a DLC hardware cost on boards which allow bifurcation known as a VROC key to allow it to boot in R0.

EDIT: I guess this is what i get for not reading the product carefully...
That Card claims to be a 4.0 pci-e card... but i have not heard of ANY 4.0 pci-e bifurcation cards out yet.
That leads me to believe i think they mean 4.0 nVME and 4.0 bifurcation, as i really do not believe Gigabyte would release one for consumers before the enterprise sector had one.

But if it is a 4.0 you need to put in a 4.0 slot, and make sure that slot can again do bifurcation.
That means you would need a 570 or a 550 class board and would need to give up that first slot which normally a GPU would go into, for that card so you can the max out it.
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Sep 13, 2008
I would think you could also do a Zen 2 based threadripper build.