gf4 system crashing in 4x mode issue


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Jul 29, 2001
Heya Guys,

having a weird problem, I've got an gf4 ti 44(visiontek) and when in 4x agp mode it seems to crash frequently. I usually have to run it in 1x/2x mode, this is the second vid card as I returned the first thinking it was the card itself. I'm running the latest nvidia detonator drivers, but I've been having this issue since the previous 2 version and also with the drivers provided with the vid card cd. here are me spes

BOARD: msi k7 master-s
CHIPSET: amd 760
CPU: amd 2100+ (1.7ghz) (OC'd or not still have issue)
MEM: 512 pc21 (tweaked or not problem still exists)
VGA: visiontek extasy gf4 ti 400 (OC'd or not i still have the problem)
VGA NOTE: running dual monitor setup, both off the 1 card @ 1280x1024@85hz
OS: win xp pro

been searching the net with no results, just wondering if anyone out there having same issues.


I've tried alotta different things.. and the only thing that seems to work is running it