Getting a 3007WFP - need a new card.

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Dec 4, 2005
Thanks - I didn't know dual link was required for the higher res.

Actually - I already did some preliminary pricing. I will keep my old system for testing and guests.

I'm toying around with various configurations - ATI or nVidia - my current preferred unit. I wish ATI and nVidia along with their partners would release more dual GPU single card solutions so I could go crazy if I wanted 4 GPU w/2 slots. I saw a new 4 slot quad SLI motherboard but haven't read any performance reviews - I'm hoping they come out with an AMD x2 version of the gigabyte GA-8N-SLI if it turns out to work well.

AMD X2 4600
Crossfire Motherboard
2 GIG of RAM
1900 ATI
quiet 550 watt power supply
quiet GPU cooler
quiet CPU cooler
foam padding to silence my case along with rubber paint
XFI sound card
500GIG 16mb WD hard drive.
DVD player (I'll put the burner from my old on my new)
I'll transfer my keyboard and mouse and use an old one for my existing system.

I'll be exceeding $2000 by quiet a bit. I may wait for the G71 to see how that does with games like FEAR. I'll wait for the new ATI SB600 in case I go crossfire. I can tolerate my system as is although I really would love to complete the system.